Founder and Creator at The Pop-Marketer

Joe Cox

My experience and education has given me a unique perspective in brand building, real time marketing, influencer relationship management and emerging media.

At Red Bull, I worked with company that wasn’t afraid to say that a brand should have a personality and worked every minute to inject that persona into national events ranging from action sports to video game tournaments held 100 feet below ground in a cold war missile silo (no joke). Red Bull introduced me to the concept of utilizing local influencers in order to create richer experiences for our consumers, and that has stuck with me ever since.

With vitaminwater, vitaminwater zero & smartwater brands we took field marketing to a new level. By applying traditional sampling, marketing event & influencer strategies and harnessing the power of social media, our experiential focus can now easily be shared and spread throughout our fan’s feeds & streams embedded within their multiple communities. A 1:1 approach became 1:many.

My passion lies in the relationship building & influencer relationship management both online & off. Working with smart people and doing smart things to bring brand’s & people to the level that they deserve to be at is what gets me up everyday (that and a 5Hour Energy).

Barkley has given me the opportunity to combine all that I’ve learned and help brands develop, grow & expand their own online communities through an array of services, processes & products. I lead an amazing team of though leaders, quantifying & developing consumer behaviors through strategic online listening & engagement.

Specialties: interactive digital marketing, brand positioning, brand personality, brand building, social media, blogging, podcasting, relationship building, guerrilla marketing, event planning, red bull, vitaminwater, smartwater, influence, influencer relationship managment, experiential marketing


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